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About Us

Alder's Business Philosophy

We recognize that no two Owners or properties are the same. Consequently, Alder Property Management is committed to manage each and every property as a stand-alone business, enabling us to identify and implement “best practices” tailored to your property to deliver profitable results for you.

Management Team

There really is no substitute for being hands-on in order to truly understand one's business. Alder Property Management's team of professionals has years of experience, including:

  • Personal ownership of residential multi-unit and single family dwellings.
  • Residential property management career professionals with multiple companies.
  • Commercial property management, acquisition and sales.
  • Residential and commercial construction.

Equipped to exceed your expectations for predictable cash flow and building property value, the Alder Property Management Team prides itself in keeping your investments working for you.

Equal Housing Opportunity


Alder helped me get my property rented while providing outstanding service and communication! I felt at ease throughout the entire process.

~ Sean & Kira (Owners)

It has been a complete joy to work with your Team. I appreciate your attentiveness and hands on approach to managing my property.

~ Ron (Owner)

We moved here to Portland from Maine and was lucky enough to find a place from Alder Property. It was a pleasure to work with them. Their staff was so helpful and friendly, and they surely made our move less stressful.

~ Sara, Portland, Oregon

I went to Alder with my three problem tenants in my triplex. The transaction was very smooth, and they were extremely helpful with everything. Their knowledge, accompanied with their compassion, was crucial in helping me with my dilemma. To date, all three of my tenants are paying on time, and I am now able to cashflow. Thank you Alder!

~ Siad, Owner